6 Channels 2 Buses Stereo Mixer

SUMMINGFACILITY is an Eurorack high quality 6 channels 2 buses stereo mixer. 

The module makes summing and routing of modular and non-modular equipment easy and reliable. The 22 Vpp of headroom provides plenty of dynamic range to accomodate busy mixes with a transparent, punchy and 3D analogue sum.

The design mantra has been the lowest noise and distortion with the ultimate goal of delivering the best performances. The analog vu-meters are the icing on the cake.

Problem to manage a mixed studio setup? SUMMINGFACILITY is here to rescue you!



– 6 balanced input channels w/ gain up to 12 dB
– Adjustable volume & panorama
– 2 aux send per channel
– 2 balanced aux return w/ gain up to 12 dB
– Independent mute for master & aux buses
– Outputs w/ ground-cancelling circuitry


– 22 Vpp of headroom technique
– Modern audio grade op amps
– Thin-film resistors
– Wima & Panasonic caps
– 4 layer PCB (designed for best EMI/EMC)
– Reverse powering protection


– 38 HP
– Skiff friendly (32 mm behind the panel)
– Eurorack format


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Optional cables are not available.

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