Dual Mono Compressor-Limiter With Stereo Link

Eurorack high quality dual mono compressor-limiter with stereo link.
The unit has been designed to sweep from a delicate compressor to a brick-wall limiter always delivering an airy and punchy analogue compression. Parallel compression can easily be applied within the module.
The unit has been engineered to deliver the lowest noise; in particular, it implements a proprietary compression technique based on a triple VCA setup that delivers no compromise performances.
DYNAMICENGINE makes compression fun as hell!



– 2 mono compressors
– Balanced inputs w/ gain up to 12 dB
– Threshold w/ 36 dB range
– Variable attack / release
– Ratio from 1:1 to limit
– Hard and soft knee
– Make up gain up to 20 dB
– Parallel compression
– Side-chain hi-pass filter from 20 Hz to 235 Hz
– Stereo link
– Independent bypass
– External side-chain inputs w/ gain up to 12 dB
– Outputs w/ ground-cancelling circuitry


– Triple VCA compression technique
– Top quality VCA (THAT Corps.)
– Modern audio grade op amps
– Thin-film resistors
– Wima & Panasonic caps
– 4 layer PCB (designed for best EMI/EMC)
– Reverse powering protection


– 28 HP
– Skiff friendly (32 mm behind the panel)
– Eurorack format

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